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Shop History

The History of Our Shop

   I purchased my first balancing machine in 1966. I balanced rotating and reciprocating engine components at night and on weekends in my small workshop for about three and one half years. During that time I built a concrete block building 30' x 70'. In January of 1970 I opened my shop full time as a one man operation. I have always done lathe, mill and press work, but we added more employees and started to bore cylinders, resize rods, do line honing and cylinder head work.

   We built a new building 60 ' x 120' with the 10 ton shop crane in 1987. We do most operations to gas as well as diesel engines. We grind crankshafts and weld worn crank journals. We also use a "Serdi" valve guide and seat machine which is one of the most accurate in the world for cutting valve seats. We do crack repair in cast blocks and heads and all kinds of aluminum welding, also we repair aluminum race heads as well as street overhead cam heads.

   Over the years we have been asked to do many interesting things. Sometimes auto related and sometimes not. We have been involved with inventors on projects, some simple and others sometimes complicated and of course, this is privileged information and can not be talked about.

   On a limited basis we do some cam design and cam grinding. We have been doing cam work for only a couple of years and that particular area of engine design is very complicated so we only do experimental work for ourselves and close acquaintances.

   We also manufactured the "Simons Carburetor Comparator" which was a air flow measuring machine made for the go-kart industry. Carburetor Comparators are out of production after approximately 14 years and are no longer being sold.

   Mike Adams, our shop Foreman, who has a machinist background as well as an engine building background can probably answer most of your questions, just try to be a brief as possible.

   We want your business and we will try to do whatever is necessary to get your job done the way you want it. Please just leave your instructions and how we can reach you if necessary.


C. W. Simons